Genoa Pesto World Championship in Paris!

Saturday, April 12, 30 people competed for the best Pesto in Paris. It was the first preliminary competition valid for the upcoming sixth edition of the Championship in 2016. The day was beautiful, in addition to preliminary competition - the first time with 30 people at the same time - there were tastings of Ligurian products of the highest quality and a cooking class held by Maurizio Pinto, chef at Genoa restaurant Voltalacarta.


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Genova Pesto World Championship

2011 nov 18 OliOliva Imperia 018Thanks to the Chamber of Commerce of Imperia, two pesto competitions valid for the 2012 Pesto World Championship were carried out during Olioliva, the festival of the new olive oil! The winners are Fabrizio Ceccarelli, cook, and Jacopo Mainardi, student. They are both from Imperia. Here on the left the jury of friday competition!

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IMG 0592A very lively morning that Wednesday, October 12 at EATALY New York, the "house" of the best Italian food&wine products, where you can taste delicious dishes and buy Italian specialties, but also appreciate the “school”, where to learn the culture of a better food for a better life.


IMG 0560In the heart of Soho, an entire block of 4 floors is dedicated to the art of cooking: it is the International Culinary Center, a dream for those who want to become chef and also for those who want to eat something… on the ground floor there is the restaurant to taste dishes prepared by students (burgers are great!!!!).


pestovinner kvamme_foto_thor_brdreskiftThe winner of the official Pesto competition, valid to select the representative of Norway at the next Genoa Pesto World Championship (March 17, 2012), is Mrs. Elin Kvamme (left in the picture). She is a rector of an upper primary school and also the local president of Slow Food in Bergen. Elin has been awarded by the Minister of Health of Norwegian Government, Mrs. Anne-Grete Strøm-Erichsen (right in the picture).


IMGP1578Angelo Vanagolli is the Pesto champion of Savona! He is a doctor, he took part in previous editions of our Pesto championship, and this year he will represent Savona in the World Final.

Pesto competition animated the beautiful old docks in the port of Savona, during "Stile Artigiano - Made in Liguria".


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